Where Words Meet Snacks

23 Jun

If at any given moment I’m not munching away on something savory, you can bet your likely thinner-than-mine-behind that I’m considering the food I just finished, where, how (sometimes with whom) I’m managing to satiate myself next, and/or the upcoming glutfest I have penned, not penciled, into a budget that would probably be better off without it.

Remember those old-timey brain charts? Thanks to the freshman psych course I took as part of the “find yourself” year I spent pretending it wasn’t inevitable I would end up an English major, I happen to know this is called phrenology.

To illustrate, here’s what a normal person’s phrenology chart looks like:

Normal person's phrenology chart (though admittedly "normal" is probably relative when you're a lady rocking the shaved head)

And here’s what my phrenology chart looks like:

My Phrenology

A peek into the terrifying mind of the consumption-obsessed

The rest of those gray blobbies? Things like friends (read: Facebook), work (read: office gossip), world issues (read: suburban guilt), blah blah blah… but I think you get the picture.

Seems to me like an apropros way to set the stage for our meanderings together – very crackpot Freudian, and this is all about fixation, right? (As you’ve probably surmised even at this early juncture, the food chunks of my brain have entirely taken over those pesky little science and math slivers. Sorry Calculus, you’ve been SERVED. Then I ATE you SAY something.)

Point is, I have always been completely and totally obsessed with food. This has had varying effects on the rest of my life thoughout my quarter century, but it wasn’t until I moved to California that I finally found some kindred culinary spirits, stopped feeling guilty about my gastronomic fixation, and now, two and a half years later, have decided to put that English degree to Internet-era use.

So, pull up a chair, grab yourself a bite (naturally, you’re in good company – I’ve been crunching my way through a handful of pistachios), and join me as I turn my insatiable appetite to epicurean topics from recipes to restaurant hype to reckless date-drinking  in what I hope will be a sometimes  informative, always silly exploration of all things edible.


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